Douglas Watters


Loving the experience of browsing neighborhood brick and mortar bottle shops, but wanting to reduce his own alcohol use, Douglas opened Spirited Away in the fall of 2020. His goal was to provide an attractive, welcoming space for every New Yorker that wants to explore and discover the world's best adult nonalcoholic beverages. In his spare time, Douglas likes cycling, travel and mixing "low & no" cocktails for family and friends. Lately, he's been drinking a lot of Bonbuz, The Pathfinder, Aplos and Monday Gin.


Since building his senior thesis around beverages at Parsons, Matthias has been fascinated by what people drink and why. He has been working on launching or marketing wellness products from vegan jerky to nonalcoholic drinks for the last 3 years.  For fun, Matthias enjoys sculpture and the oldest country music he can find. These days, he’s been loving the Phoney Negroni from St. Agrestis and drinking whole bottles of Prima Pavé’s blanc de Blancs in an afternoon. 


Liv is an illustrator and painter based out of Brooklyn with a love for non-alcoholic products. Living a more health-conscious lifestyle, they have enjoyed exploring a new world of beverages that don't involve alcohol. In their spare time, Liv likes baking, caring for their indoor garden, and finding new music. Lately they've been drinking a lot of Copenhagen Bla Sparkling Tea, Untitled Ferments Wen Shen Bao, and Lyre's Agave Blanco.