Harmony - Smoked Apéritif

Harmony - Smoked Apéritif

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Smoked Apéritif is a heady spin on Mezcal. It’s bright with citrus and herbal notes... followed by smoke and spice. And it has adaptogenic herbs to naturally uplift and calm you. Loaded with all natural, healing ingredients like smoked black tea, damiana, sage and gentian root.

Tasting Notes:

Citrus, smoke and spice.

How to Use It:

Try Harmony Smoked Apéritif neat or chilled. It’s also wonderful spritzed with tonic (we prefer Fever Tree). Or you can try a Harmony Paloma..

Harmony Paloma
1.5 oz. Harmony Smoked Aperitif
1 oz grapefruit juice
Splash of agave
5 dash Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters
Splash soda water
Smoked sea salt rim
Grapefruit wedge

Ingredients & Other Info:

  • Zero grams of sugar

  • Only 1 Carb per serving

  • Only 5 calories per serving

500 mL